Saturday, October 30, 2004

Let the posting begin...;

"Sushi" - cartooning final project, senior year. Grade: 99.

the story (since you can't read it because BLOGGER is so stupid and the pictures won't come out good) is as follows: ( go ahead you know you want to follow along with the pictures after you read it)
[This is the intro part]
Well now, let's start things off right:
It's me and her. After a harsh episode of sushi suspense we finally made it and had by now placed our orders. There was no one else enjoying the sushi serenity on this particular day. But this was no ordinary sushi session. This is our sushi story: (ENJOY! MaryJane Jumbo)

I'm rather sorry to say I forgot most of what was said between us, but somehow we had gotten to talking about chopsticks. And we stayed on chopsticks for quite some time. What she said when something like this:

[This starts the first text bubble, and each paragraph is the next text bubble after and so on]
You just really have to wonder, you know? Who could come up with an idea like chopsticks... I mean people must have thought they were crazy... two pieces of wood and that's all they needed.

Certainly not like our society. We need much more elegance to eat our food. Like 57 silver forks and knives and shiny spoons and such. We could never settle for two lousy pieces of wood...

[there's a little narrative line in between the first top row and the second, which you can see in the 3rd 4th and 5th pictures which says:]
The convo was deep, but not deep enough to keep our attention when the sushi came...

[The 5th picture down is a split cartoon scene because I'm weird, and there's actually another mini educational sushi-how-to cartoon built right in! ]

[Now we're at the bottom row first scene come on pay attention here]
And I mean you really have to respect them for that because obviously not everyone can do it. But it's so smart you know? And they definitely do the trick... I love chopsticks.


[turning over]
Dear colonal,
how's this for irony. They're using forks.
love, mjjumbo<3<3


[que brain exploding...]


Illustrations by Ian Shickle (like pickle).

Cutting. Gluing. Pasting. MaryJaneJumbo

[ You see... we were using the chopsticks... oh yea this really happened... and these two japenese guys who made our sushi were sitting next to us eating -getthis- chinese food take-out... with forks... and so I wrote her a note after she really talked on and on about chopsticks through the whole meal... and we never laughed so much at the sushi sarcasm... ever. And yea so I got a 99. ]

ehm... excuse me...;

while I post everything - well a lot of things - I want to show you...enjoy?

Friday, October 29, 2004

near death experiences and driving etiquette;

Yesterday was my fifth, maybe sixth, near death experience while driving. I was driving along, as usual, at night, on the highway, going about... 75 off the exit ramp because it wasn't a curvy one... and so I'm going along, and here comes this foreign looking guy about 26 years of age, I would say he was about 5'9" or so, tan, dark hair.. he cuts me off. Well rather, he decided at the very last possible minute, 'Hey you know maybe I will get off at this one after all..' So off he goes, and since he obviously didn't check in his mirror before pulling this usually harmless last minute stunt, he just about exits right into the front driver side of my car. Well I got to beep at him and scare the crap out of him, oh and swerve out of the way and spare mine and his back passengers' lives. Yey for living. It's a good thing I can pay attention when exiting a highway at high speeds, because obviously some other drivers can't. Driving is really getting risky, I might have to quit and move to an island somewhere in the south pacific. Ohhh, no snow. No cold. No snow.

Now for a question and answer session.
1) How do you politely ask other drivers to get out of the left lane so you can speed when they aren't speeding as much as you want to speed?
I tried tail-gating, but they don't get it. I've been told you can flash them with your lights... this is... I don't know, I've always felt too weird to flash people...

2) Does the flashing of the lights method actually work?
Because if it yields the results I'm looking to get, which is moving slow people from the left lane, than... I'm all for it, and I may just muster up the courage to flash some people on a highway near you!

But when it comes down to it, I like driving. It can be fun. But not as much as I like these crackers and this pesto and this mozzarella cheeeese mm.