Thursday, November 18, 2004

Blogger's newest trick!;

None of the images load anymore on my computer.. who knows how they load on your computer... It's almost over.

Real progress, I must say. I'm supposed to be uploading things like mad right now, but me and Maryjane had a heated bananafest just shy of 10 minutes ago, so.... I'm getting to it. (:

It's going to be the best everything all on one website you've ever seen that I've made. I forget the rest. The end.

P.S. the photo gallery stuff is going to take forever because um.. I just realized that mostly all of my photography was ... Well I do have a lot of it still and some stuff here I can scan and.. I.. well I have a camera so I'll just take new ones. Eventually. After I do everything else I need to do. (my list grows every day.. and I hardly ever cross anything off; it's terrrrrrible)!!


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