Sunday, November 21, 2004


This magic bullet is pretty cool, my mom made me watch the 20 minutes infomercial with her but let me tell you - it was WELL worth it. Plus, I think she's totally going to buy me one. It's incredible AND it's every kitchen appliance I'll ever need except a toaster. It's so exciting.

If I could just get my scanner to work I could finish my new site all together and then this blogger deal will be done. Others are also as glad as me to get away from blogger. And yes, it really is that bad. What mdae it worth it was that it was free, but now even that's not enough.

I've got to be careful about this next part or this could turn into a real 'feelings' kind of post, and I don't like too much of that mushy stuff.

Actually.. nevermind the feelings stuff I'll save that for another time.

Maryjane's got so many new stories and stuff that she wants to share, but nothing can get done without scannerpower. And Corinna's gone until like tomorrow night or something, which means... monday at the earliest I can start. But a lot of the stuff I already scanned is totally done.. The blog is all set up and ready to be posted on and stuff and my bio section is almost totally done. I haven't even started thinking about the photo galleries and I like it better this way. Save the hardest thing that will probably never actually get done until last, otherwise I'd give up before I got anywhere with anything else.

I have other stuff I could be telling you about, but I just don't feel like it anymore - so I'll just tell you how good the banana-hookup is. It's really good, take my word for it.


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