Monday, November 01, 2004

I hate;

your pagan holiday.

One too many fat albino looking women yelled at me to slow down with very rude hand gestures while driving, very peacefully, only about 7mph over the speed limit, while her little kid posioned itself in a pretty 20$ spandex witch costume. See the car, move out of the street kids, it's been the same routine since I was your age. Not rocket science.

What a waste of time all this is.

Anyway I really don't like blogspot, blogger, livejournal, myspace, etc., whatever. It's all the same and it's boring. You can't do whatever you want with the page, you can't have as many pages as you want for as many things as I want, I can't put pictures anywhere.... unless- ofkjdaly forget it. Just HOST ME. ANYONE... well not anyone, but SOMEONE GOOOD! Please..? I will bake you cookies and mail them to your home... with a nice thank you note... and.. uhm I'll make you a pretty picture. There you know I totally won you all over. So tell me you want me on your domain and we'll start the bidding already.

I also totally lied and didn't post lots of things just lots of pictures of one thing. I got a little confused with all the blogspot rules and regulations on trying to post a very simple picture. Not to mention they all came out bad.

I'd really like to make a real nice layout and put lots of pictures onto this "website" but unfortunately...blogspot doesn't allow that sort of "web-creating." No no, this is a strictly fill-in-the-blanks-and-just-try-and-sound-good-and-spell-correctly-and-we'll-do-the-rest sort of free hosting site (and you even have to put in the date yourself.. how lousy. I don't know that it could really get much worse) . Whatever happened to Anyone remember that one like... what? ::counts:: 8 or so years ago maybe.. that was it. we need and was the other one.. where did they go? ::checks::

The end.


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