Sunday, November 07, 2004

long weekend;

But it's finally over. Drove up to connecticut to visit Paul and Ryan, and the Bishop was there and that was really cool and stuff. Except for getting stuck in 45 minutes of traffic on the Throggs Neck brigde... which made me late, that I could have done without. But everything else was more or less really good. It was good to see them, even though Paul is still Paul, and I don't know if that's ever going to change but I can definitely say he's getting better. How much better is questionable, but better none the less. I didn't get lost at all or anything, which I was a little nervous about driving myself and all.. but I actually didn't even have to look at the directions on the way home... I mean, if you just read the signs you'll be fine, I've finally realized that's what they're there for...

Yesterday I was bored and so I drove myself out to Avalon, that was nice. Took a few pictures which are nice, which I will probably post tomorrow, or never.

I'm going to be moving, yes that's right, I've found a domain to be my temporary home, to get a real site set up the way I want... and then eventually when I suck up all her space, I'll end up getting my own set up. ( ha ha just kidding (; ) But I will get my own set up eventually. I know it.

I'm going to go... make some pictures and stuff for the *new* and better than everything layout. WOO


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